Natural vertical gardens

Enjoy your green walls both inside and outside

How to make a vertical garden

Green walls and green walls are grouped into the same vertical garden concept, both vertical gardens and green roofs have always existed in nature and are usually self-sufficient plants that know how to find their resources to survive..

After more than 20 years of creating and assembling vertical gardens, Verd Sóller has developed its own manufacturing system, choosing the materials and plants that best suit both indoor and outdoor gardens. The orientation and the light of the home where it is projected.

The first step to take into account in the development of your vertical garden varies depending on whether we make an indoor or outdoor garden. & Nbsp; what makes the difference in how to do it is the light projected at different times of the day, apart from taking this factor into account to enhance the beauty of the composition, the light is the determining factor for the choice of plants since light influences in the subsequent development of the plant, absorbing its nutrients and determining the growth of the plant, plants and the entire composition.

Plants for vertical gardens

When choosing the plants and achieving a good design, it is essential to choose the type of vegetation that best suits each project, adding plants for vertical gardens with different types of leaves and flowering, always taking into account the final result of the desired composition.

Years of experience creating compositions, installing vertical gardens have made us experiment, evolve and collaborate with the best nurserymen, recognized in the sector of creating high quality and resistant plants, this quality of the plants facilitates and guarantees our development of the same, with a good root system prepared to root effectively.

Irrigation system for vertical gardens

Water is another important factor both to achieve splendor, as well as for the continuity and useful life of the vertical garden, the quality of water plays an important role. We provide our gardens with the best automatic irrigation system according to needs and budget. A well-developed system makes the garden more sustainable and durable, ensuring its survival.

Substrate and Stress in the plants

The mixture and application of the substrates in their proportion in the gabions imply in the part of the rapid adaptation of the plant to root correctly, likewise one of the maximum inconveniences for the plant is avoided, we refer to stress, any alteration, change situation, changes in water resources, substrates, weather and so on, a long number of situations are direct causes of plant stress that can cause difficulties in development and growth in the short and long term.

At verd Sóller we have developed a vertical garden system that overcomes any inconvenience that may arise, both in the execution of work and in the future growth of vertical garden.

Maintenance of vertical gardens

Thanks to the galvanized steel gabion system suspended with rails of the same material, a good drainage system through the Eco-textile bag allows us a long-lasting useful life for the vertical garden. These gabions have the sufficient capacity to drain and retain sufficient quantities of water resources that the plant needs, even in the case of any cut or failure of the water resources supply, the vertical garden system that we manufacture in capable of remaining up to fifteen days without having serious negative effects.

The vertical garden system developed by Verd Sóller is a system designed to facilitate short and long-term maintenance tasks, with just 12 visits per year it is easy to maintain, due to the design and foliage used, few actions are required such as cutting, pruning and monitoring of the irrigation system saving on maintenance costs.