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Natural grass in sod

After years of experience in the gardening sector, and especially installing sod grass, we have all the capabilities, skills and knowledge to select the sod grass varieties that best suit our Balearic climate, also adapting to the type of land necessary for every need and use.

Advantages of our natural grass

Thanks to the location of our natural grass company in Mallorca, Verd Sóller is the most advantageous solution when it comes to obtaining natural grass quickly, efficiently and professionally. Ready to enjoy immediately for any event, celebration, inauguration or for your own private room.p>

Acquiring natural sod in Mallorca with Verd Sóller avoids long waiting times, storage and handling of the rolls until they reach their destination.

The advantages of natural turf rolls in sod have the advantages of their easy handling -both for their weight and their size-, which thus allows their installation for anyone. This immediacy and simplicity of application, also avoids the failures and bald spots that can be produced by sowing with seed. Likewise, sod grass prevents the proliferation of wild grasses (weeds) and reduces water consumption.

Regarding water consumption, the varieties selected by our company have low water consumption; Not only do they need less water for daily irrigation, but they are also able to adapt to brackish, fecal, and even saline waters.

Verd Sóller offers and secures natural sod grass specially adapted to the Mediterranean climate. The installation of natural turf in sod is possible throughout the year, so it is possible to enjoy its green area at any time.

In addition, we can apply natural sod grass on any type of terrain and atmosphere: sunny, shade, patios, chalets, townhouses, ground floors, sports facilities, hotels, swimming pools, golf courses, greens, green roofs, landscaping, events, spots advertising.

The agile and simple installation of the grass rolls has helped both individuals and professionals to have immediate and functional natural grass.

How does it work? Natural grass is cultivated for two years until it is extracted   with a homogeneous surface and a large compact root mass that allows a quick grip.