Efficiency and responsibility for the satisfaction of our clients

Maintenance and recovery of gardens, green areas, parks and swimming pools

Maintenance of public and private gardens, hotels and companies in general

Verd Sóller work teams carry out all kinds of work abroad, from preparing the land and laying rockery to the installation of all kinds of automatic irrigation systems. In addition, the installation of pergolas, metal welding, fountains and ponds, pavements of various types, placement of sculptures etc ...

Order and frequency of garden maintenance.

Maintenance is the basis for a garden to look in all its splendour.

The basis of the best maintenance for your garden is the frequency and organization of the visits that our maintenance team guarantees in order to give continuity to the project that has been already carried out, and to achieve the required aim.

Garden maintenance work, private and public.

Especialistas en trabajos de mantenimiento de jardines privados y públicos en los que consensuamos un plan de actuación y periodicidad en base al tamaño de los jardines y cantidad de plantas a mantener.

La poda anual, el recorte frecuente, la siega de césped, el cavado de tierra, la fertilización hasta la limpieza de hojas son algunas de las tareas que nuestros operarios realizan con el esmero necesario para darles el mejor servicio para la buena conservación del espacio verde.

Construction and maintenance of swimming pools

Continuous maintenance of the pool results in crystal clear water
water in the best bathing conditions from the control of the pH and chlorine levels to the aspiration of the bottom, the maintenance of swimming pools is a common task of our specialized maintenance personnel.

Verd Sóller provides frequent monitoring of pools, especially necessary during the months with more temperature changes so common in Mallorca.

Pool maintenance is a simple and delicate task at the same time. We understand that pools are a very important place in the garden so we take care of keeping it in safety, health and hygiene conditions throughout the year in order to enjoy crystal clear waters all year round.

Among the services we offer:

  • Cleaning the filtration system
  • Cleaning the glass
  • Aspiration of funds
  • Cleaning the sand filters
  • Replacement of filter sand
  • Maintenance and repair of pumps
  • Replacement of lamps
  • Detection of leaks in the glass
  • Water treatments:
    • or Infiltrations
    • Flocculation-Coagulation
    • Chlorination (Control of Ph and Chlorine levels)
    • Disinfection
    • Algaecide Application

Other services:

  • Reforestation, planting and plant protection
  • Creation and installation of pergolas
  • Construction of lakes, ponds and fountains

Fertilizing plants

Fertilizing the garden is the contribution of nutrients to the plants.

The fertilizers can be organic or chemical, for each situation a specific fertilizer is used, there are also fertilizers that are applied according to the season of the year. The varieties of trees, shrubs, flowers or grass need the most and best compost they can absorb. The excess of fertilizers can cause serious damage to the plants, uses of fertilizers and in particular chemical fertilizers have to be applied with moderation and caution.

Control of wild weeds

The removal of wild grasses called weeds is possible with manual, mechanical or chemical means. Lack of control of some herbs could present serious problems in landscaping and maintenance tasks. The control of these herbs is cancion during maintenance tasks performed on time. The proliferations of wild herbs in the garden quickly consume the nutrients of the ground, thus preventing the absorption of the nutrients to the other plants.

Installation and control of irrigation systems.

We are specialists in installation of irrigation systems, whether by drip, sprinkler, or hydroponic system, either for your garden or for agricultural purposes.

Whether you want a gravity or automatic irrigation system, request your budget without obligation. Mallorca is a wonderful place with many possibilities to enjoy a good garden and for this we must optimize the use of one of the rarest natural resources on the island, we refer to water.

One of the characteristics of water in Mallorca is the high PH level, which is why the irrigation systems require periodic supervision to guarantee the optimal irrigation of the plants.

Cleaning the nozzles, especially in grassy areas, monitoring the drip pipes together with the supervision of the solenoid valves are some of the tasks to take into account in addition to a perfect maintenance of the controllers and the balancing of different branches taking into account needs of each plant are essential for a good irrigation system to keep our garden lush and lush

Transplanting large trees or large specimens.

Our company already has extensive experience in transplanting large trees.

Transplanting of large trees is not a difficulty either the transport or because of the difficulty of the land.

For the transplantation of large trees, we have in the market a wide variety of means of transport of all sizes and for all types of weights.

In 2006 we received a commission to install three large trees on a rugged terrain in which an integrated pool and a beautiful viewpoint had been installed.

Carrying out the work in the inaccessible area had been ruled out because it could not be carried out with mechanical means.

Thanks to the desire to satisfy the client's desire, in less than 45 minutes it was achieved with almost unimaginable success thanks to the opportunity and the trust of our client in our ability to provide simple, effective and real solutions for every occasion.

After the study to find the most economical system with optimal results, ached the conclusion and proceeded to place three large trees using a helicopter.

Land treatment:

The tasks of digging and digging could be carried out according to the needs of the plants and the garden, with manual or mechanical means these works have to be carried out with consideration in the depth of digging so as not to damage the roots in case of nearby plants or trees.

Mallorca forestry work

We carry out diverse and varied forestry actions such as land clearing, construction and conservation of forest roads and tracks, clearing, fire breaks, treatment of forest residues.

Our company has technicians in forestry work, maintenance and conservation of green areas.

Regeneration of slopes with meshes, plant species

Specialists in regeneration of slopes with meshes, plant species, shrubs or optimal upholstery plants for holding the land.

For the stabilization of slopes there are different means:

Slope protection with mesh

for the protection and stabilization of slopes by means of mesh we offer the installation of slope protection with biodegradable coconut fibre mesh or also the fixing of slopes and vertical walls with triple twist grating.

Protection of plant slopes

Slope regeneration with plant species, shrubs and upholstery plants, or by means of the hydroseeding of slopes.


It consists of the projection on desired ground of an aqueous mixture of seeds, fertilizer and a compound formed by natural or synthetic substances that conserve moisture, improve fertility and soil health while reducing the proliferation of weeds and provide the area of greater visual appeal.

The technique of landscape restoration by hydroseeding is performed by specialized mechanical means (hydroseeding) and pumping equipment.

Hydroseeding is a sowing system more or less 20% faster than other manual systems and among its advantages we can highlight that the seeds are evenly distributed, in addition the spread mulch ensures quik germination and by being projected by mechanical means we can achieve large heights on slopes.

We carry out this technique when it is required and recommended in the regeneration of slopes, meadows, golf courses and turf lands in general.

Enclosures of farms and roads in Mallorca

All kinds of enclosures for farms or roads, whether rustic farms or plots

Different types of enclosures, metal, wood or panels can be used for fencing.