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At Verd Soller we take great care in integrating decorative objects as sophisticated as works of art. We put our extensive experience at the service of our clients to offer all the attention personalized to create a garden, simple, entertaining and different.

Water is our most precious asset, so we try to design Irrigation Systems with great coherence, measuring the needs of each plant and the characteristics in each terrain. This design is scheduled for two or three years , to be canceled, thus becoming a large natural and lush garden, approved with Xerofita or Xerojardíneria garden.

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The Balearic Islands, located on the shores of the incomparable blue color of the Mediterranean Sea, with its potential natural setting, offer us the great opportunity to create infinitecrear garden designs y, and, in addition to their natural beauty and the elements of great landscape value that we surround, make Mallorca a unique place in the world that stands out for its climate and light.

The light projected, at different times of the day, on this place bears witness to the appreciable natural beauty that the landscape denotes.

At Verd Sóller we are aware of each and every one of these treasures, which we try to take into account when working: choosing the varieties for plants in each designed garden, the combinations of the colors of the flowers and leaves, the sizes of the plants and their development, the shadows and the orientation of the terrain, of course without neglecting aromas, which are our great ally in creating a garden.

All this regardless of whether it is a large and / or complex project o  or the smallest corner. Our  goal will always be the enjoyment of outdoor space, whatever its form.

In each project we carry out, we customize the design of each space according to the taste and needs of our clients. The aromas, the colors, combined with the sizes and shapes we design it in order to create a The result of a pleasant and integrated atmosphere in the environment and that clients feel that their essence is also in this place.

The exceptional environment of the Mediterranean landscape that surrounds us, offers us with its characteristics a wide and variable opportunity to create and combine infinite shapes, heights, flavors, aromas and colors.

We are the & nbsp; disciples of the & nbsp; creators of the Gardens of the Five Senses & nbsp; that left their mark and legacy throughout history. Our Gardens are designed and built so that you can experience the outdoors in all four seasons.

La luz natural y la calidez de nuestro clima nos permite establecer el marco perfecto para los juegos de sombras que nos invitan a vivir y disfrutar del exterior del nuestro medio natural adaptándolo a nuestras necesidades.

The Verd Soller Gardening team works with the & nbsp; environmental and ecological commitment & nbsp; in the choice and contribution of materials when creating your garden, the & nbsp; natural elements & nbsp; such as wood, dividers and planters, clay from flowerpots, iron from pergolas, fence for dividers or covers, stones as walls and fountains form the harmony and relaxation desired in each garden.

At Verd Soller & nbsp; we take care of the integration of decorative objects & nbsp; as sophisticated as works of art . We put our extensive experience at the service of our clients to offer all the personalized attention to create a garden, simple, entertaining and different.

Water is our most precious asset, so we try to design the & nbsp; Irrigation Systems & nbsp; with great coherence , dosing the needs of each plant and the characteristics of each plot. This design is & nbsp; scheduled for two or three years , & nbsp; to be canceled, thus becoming a large natural and lush garden, & nbsp; approved with Xerophyta or Xerojardíneria garden.

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We revolutionize the design of your garden dedicating all our talent and experience in creating environments that respect the environment.

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Knowing the latest trends, we project for your garden the union of art, design and biodiversity in communion with your personality.


Committed gardening, we promote the biodiversity of ecosystems from the deep respect to make your garden sustainable and respectful with the environment.

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Our team of gardeners has the best trained professionals with the necessary experience to carry out your gardening project.

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Verd Sóller is a company specialized in gardening and landscaping projects and the different stages:
design , planning, realization and maintenance of gardens .

Along with the planning prior to the execution of the works, our goal is to create the atmosphere desired by each client, moving forward together to make green space a reality and that each project is adapted to personal needs and tastes .