Company of phytosanitary treatments and vegetal and arboreal endotherapy Mallorca

It does not harm the environment, people or pets

Phytosanitary controls for pests and diseases

At Verd Sóller we maintain our commitment to the environment and our natural environment, the phytosanitary control of plants can be applied to treat in various ways as products, using manual or mechanical means, applying natural, biological or chemical products. This leads us to determine in each case which treatment to apply and which method to follow.

With both biological and chemical treatments, we apply treatments very cautiously for various reasons, but the most noteworthy thing is to always try to ensure that the plant has its own system to fight disease.

Phytosanitary treatments are always done by authorized and accredited personnel..

Phytosanitary treatment for pests and diseases

Currently all our employees have the Phytosanitary Products applicator card . Using the corresponding treatments to control diseases in plants and trees is necessary and essential to keep the garden safe..

Preventive treatments guarantee the prevention of the attack of insects, mites or fungi..

Climate change together with pollution are the main causes of weakening the vegetation, and consequently, an ideal shelter is created for diseases and their spread is facilitated by contagion to other plants.

More and more often we are forced to treat our vegetables since the atmosphere is constantly changing.

To ensure the best result, we always apply the necessary doses for each case and situation. Preferably we use natural methods that are as effective as chemical products, and in the event of small attacks that we detect in time we do not hesitate to eliminate the insects with our hands..

Plant and trees endotherapy treatments

Endotherapy is an alternative method of phytosanitary treatment with low environmental impact, used mainly in the healing of tree varieties such as Pinos, Palm trees.

These types of treatments are the most effective and safest today, especially to combat the greatest plague of pines: the so-called processionary.

Plant endotherapy can be applied against other pests:

  • Woodlouse
  • Oak mealybug.
  • Hackberry miner.
  • White fly.
  • Red palm weevil.
  • Oak tree branch borer.
  • Eucalyptus borer.
  • Pine borers.
  • Pine processionary.
  • Psila de la Albizia, ficus and tipuana.
  • Aphids.

How is plant Endotherapy applied?

After detecting the disease that threatens the tree to be treated, the products to be injected are prepared.

First, the perforations to be made and the doses to be applied are calculated.

Once the perforations have been made, the stakes are placed with check valves through which the product in question is injected, slowly one by one.

Once the first injection of all the stakes is finished, the same action is repeated with the same dose, thus ensuring the absorption of the treatment at low pressure.

After suffering an attack of any kind, the tree suffers a period of weakness from which it can recover over time, even so, sometimes and depending on the season and conditions surrounding the tree, it could cause irreparable damage. For these and more reasons, we usually mix rehabilitating you with injections, thus ensuring the quick recovery of the tree.