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Design and creation of gardens in Mallorca

Our extensive experience in the design, construction and maintenance of gardens with their own character, both in Mallorca and elsewhere in Spain, fuels ourinsatiable passion for gardening.

Thus, we have been innovating the technologies adapted to the sector, day by day and we have been able to fulfill the wishes of our clients in any of the three processes: design, implementation and maintenance since 1998.

Our design projects, adapted to taste, are influenced by the most prestigious trends in the world of gardening , The trends of the Japanese, Arab or Tropical garden mixed with the Mediterranean garden result in a modern garden to your liking, adapted and integrated.

Disciples of the creators of the gardens of the five senses.

In each project we carry out, we customize the design of each space according to the taste and needs of our clients . The aromas, the colors, combined with the sizes and shapes we design it in order to create a result of pleasant atmosphere and integrated into the environment.

We seek that in the natural space the client feels that his essence is also found in it.

When designing a garden, the environment must be taken into account; the surrounding landscape, the situation and orientation, the weather and characteristics of the land, water availability, existing vegetation, the style of the home, uses of the garden, color, etc.

With this information, the design possibilities are proposed, incorporating materials and functional and aesthetic elements: such as stone walls, rockeries, paths, open spaces, living areas, sports and games areas, pavements, borders, outdoor lighting, water fountains, ponds, etc.

The limitations of the land require ingenious solutions to adapt to the situation, always respecting the environment, the style of the house and above all the taste of the client, since it is who will inhabit it. We advise the client on every detail from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

The result is a study-sketch (preliminary project) that will be presented and analyzed with the client, where the modifications that are considered appropriate will be made, resulting in the final project and budget, which once accepted will be ready for completion.

Our recommendations for Mallorca:

  • Efficient designs and plants with low water consumption
  • Species adapted to the climate and soil science of the island
  • Pest resistant plants
  • Salinity resistant plants
  • Plants adapted to water hardness
  • Alternatives to grass: mulching or mulching

Modern garden

Garden planning

When planning the design of your garden, a natural space to your liking, Verd Sóller has structured the fundamental steps to follow to achieve optimal results.

Tras la Active listening to the concerns, tastes and purpose of the project our experienced team & nbsp; works to present different proposals to reach a consensus with the client / owner.

We take into account the conditions and conditions of the place, the space and available resources , the projected light at different times of the day, the types and states of the land as well as the integration of constructions and sculptures , study of irrigation systems required by each type of plant and terrain.

If possible, we plan the irrigation systems to be canceled in a short period of time and turn the gardens into natural and lush spaces following the guidelines of the Xerojardería .

When presenting our proposals we base them on all the information compiled based on our previous studies and our extensive experience taking into account the ideal plant varieties for each garden, client / owner and composition.